Top 10 Manifesting Journal Best Practices

What are the tools for manifestation? There are so many ways to manifest, probably over a million manifestation techniques. Manifestation journals work when you put in the time and effort. Here are some easy-to-use and creative ways to manifest your dreams and desires along with your manifesting journal.

Creating a Vision Board Book

vision board book for manifestation journal

A powerful way to manifest your dream life is through a vision board. Vision boards help you capture the image and feeling. Instead of putting all your manifestations onto one board, try categorizing them in your manifesting notebook.

Think about the law of attraction, what do you want to attract in your life? How do you want your relationships to play out? Separate the platonic from the romantic. You sure don’t want to confuse the universe. So be specific. My favorite categories are:

  • Who I want to be
  • Platonic/Romantic Relationships
  • My Lifestyle
  • Health & Body Goals
  • Career
  • Places I want to Travel
  • The Inside of my home
  • Bucket List/ Aspirations


Daydream your dream! Imagine it all. Smell the manifestation. Imagine touching the manifestation. Can you taste the manifestation? Might sound silly, but indulging in all 5 senses is a good way to normalize your manifestation. Utilize that third eye too, visualizing can be easily done through meditation.

Scripting in your Manifesting Journal

If you have a vivid imagination, can create scenarios in your mind, and a knick for writing, then this method is for you. Flip through them journaling pages and start scripting. Scripting is the easiest guided journaling prompt, it’s like writing a book or a journal entry of your manifestation played out. This journaling practice is great if you have limiting beliefs. It is written in the past, present, or future.

For example, let’s say you are stressing about your upcoming final exams. You would write in your manifesting journal as if you already aced all of your exams:

I am so grateful I got all A’s on my final exams. Turns out I was nervous for nothing! When the test came around, I knew all the answers just like that! I even finished before everybody in my class. My parents were so proud of me and took me out to my favorite restaurant last night. It was a blast! My cousin even came by and surprised me with an early graduation gift.

Living in the End

living in the end tools for manifestation journal

Living in the end is imagining that you already have it. Now that you have your manifestation, how does it feel? Are you a different person than the person you were before your manifestation? Dig into them feelings and express them for 24 hours. Live as if you achieved your goals yesterday. Would your daily routine change? If it does, live that new routine!

Decluttering Mentally and Physically

This is kind of like the living-in-the-end method. Say you want to attract a partner into your life. Is there space for your partner in your lifestyle? Physically and mentally. Do you have closet space for your partner if they were to move in with you? Do you have the time in your spare time? This method is more of a clearing and making space. Make sure you don’t hold on to things that no longer serve you. It’s all about allowing and opening up to your dream life.

Whisper Method

whisper method manifestation notebook

This method is pretty popular on TikTok. You literally just whisper what you want to attract in your life.

The first step is to be clear with your intentions. The second step is to whisper your manifestation while visualizing the scenario. This method is common when trying to get a specific person’s attention. An underrated scenario you could try would be whispering to items like money or prized possessions.

369 method / 55×5 method

Nikola Tesla invented the 369 manifest method. This manifestation practice requires you to write down your desire repeatedly. His method involves writing your manifestation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon, and 9 times at night.

The numbers 3,6,9 are interconnected (3×3=9 or 3+3=6) and are believed to have magical properties. This method is recommended for 33 days.

Similarly, the 55×5 method is used for only 5 days. Basically, you are just writing your manifestation 55 times in one day for five days. There are also other methods similar to the 55×5 like the 33×3, 777, and the 369 method we recently learned.


damn you look good affirmation - manifesting journal

An affirmation is making a statement; for example, I am wealthy. There are so many creative ways to use positive affirmations.

You can make a tape recording of you saying positive affirmations and listen to it at night (Also known as SATS). [SATS stands for state akin to sleep, which is listening to affirmations or thinking of your manifestation right before you fall asleep.]

They even have subliminals, which are affirmations on loop sped up. You can write your affirmations just like the 369 methods. You can even say your affirmations in the mirror while making eye contact with yourself.

Following the Moon Phases

witch magic moon phases - manifesting journal

Thanks to the cosmic world, each new moon and full moon are different. There are super moons, eclipses, retrogrades, and zodiac signs that fall into a different sign each moon. All these Astro updates can affect each manifestation differently. But let’s get back to the basics:

  • New moons represent new beginnings and are the best time to set intentions and write your goals and dreams. This is a good time to get into the fine detail of what you want to manifest. Most new moon rituals are thought out beforehand and already have a lot of energy put into them. Self-care is big around this time too, such as lighting candles, taking a bubble bath, or diving into journaling prompts; anything to boost your solar plexus.
  • Full moons are a good time to sit in and really appreciate all that you have manifested. Big and small. And if your manifestation has not appeared yet, this is also a great time to embrace the manifestation process. Practicing gratitude in your gratitude journal will increase the joy in your life. Remember, joy attracts even more abundance.

Cup method

two cup method manifesting journal technique

Last, speak your intention into a cup of water and then drink it! There is a two-cup method too. One cup represents your current reality and the second cup represents your desired reality. So basically, with intention and desire, you pour your first cup with water into the empty second cup. Then you drink the water. This one is actually backed up scientifically, known as quantum physics.

One thing all these tools and techniques for manifestation have in common is having the “thought of”. Focusing on that one thing that you want to manifest will manifest. Remember, no manifestation is too big or too small. Happy Manifesting!

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