5 Sacral Chakra Healing Tips

The sacral chakra is the second energy vortex in the chakra system and plays a vital role in our life. It is located below the navel in the sex organs. Often we feel this energy most in our hips. What does the sacral chakra do? The Svadhishthana or sacral chakra is home to creativity, pleasure, and joy. The sacral is connected to the element of water and is orange. After reading this blog post, you will know if your 2nd chakra is in a healthy balance and how to correct it.

What is the Sacral Chakra responsible for?

sacral chakra element

Sacral chakra energy operates on the frequency of feelings. The Svadhishthana mantra is “I FEEL“. How we feel is a big part of our genetic makeup. We move through life through feelings, whether it is intuitively or scientifically based.

Think of the sacral as water, which it is. If water is stagnant it smells and looks gross. EW. When water is in constant flow, it shines, sparkles, and has much life living inside of it. When the sacral chakra energy is blocked or out of balance, we feel like stagnant water. Emotions of indecisiveness, depression, laziness, and lack of interest in sexual activity live in an unhealthy sacral chakra.

Other signs of a sacral chakra block:

  • Trauma
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Artist block or being in a creative rut
  • Issues in the reproductive area
  • Inability to control your emotions
  • Rare feelings of serendipity or sparks of joy

How to unblock sacral chakra?

If you didn’t know, artists are big thinkers and feelers. The role of artist thinks and acts in creative ways, through dancing, painting, singing, etc. When this creative way of thinking is blocked, it is known as an art block or creative rut. There are many ways to unblock the sacral chakra.

  1. Trying something new: embarking up a new tree changes our usual day-to-day mundane routine. Be spontaneous and try something you either always wanted to do or never have done.
  2. Get moving physically: When you weight train, you are normally sore the next day, doing this makes you FEEL the pain. Or dance!
  3. Sacral chakra meditation practice: Balance the 2nd chakra by practicing a few meditations like watching the movement of water and using a sacral chakra meditation script.
  4. Seek therapy: Trauma won’t heal itself. Opening up the wounds and applying the ointment for a better future helps our mindset tremendously.
  5. Work with crystals: Yoni eggs are excellent for sacral chakra healing in women.

1. Try something new

delighted black female barista serving coffee in cup in cafe

When we try something new, we sometimes feel scared, excited, or nervous. Keyword: “FEEL”. Feel something new.

  • Get a haircut
  • If you are an artist, try a new medium, instrument, or genre
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Join a club
  • Enroll in a class
  • Try a new genre of music
  • Listen to the entire album instead that one song
  • Call an old friend or family member
  • Ask a barista what their favorite drink is and try it

2. Moving your body

Moving your body shakes up stagnant energy. Start slow. First, stretch. Second, try walking or a few mobility exercises. Last, actually, get moving through cardio and strength training. Dancing is a great way to loosen up the hips.

These sacral chakra yoga poses target the hips and lower back. While practicing the sacral chakra yoga poses on a cushioned mat, imagine a bright orange aura surrounding your hips. Open up and stretch the second chakra:

  • Goddess Pose
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Side angle Pose
  • Half Lord of the Fishes
  • Cow Pose
  • Frog Pose
  • Reclined Spinal Twist Pose
  • Triangle Pose

3. Sacral Chakra Meditation Practices

Mediation is misunderstood. Meditation is the practice of consciously noticing the energy around you. You can literally meditate anywhere and anytime. Sitting and noticing your breath or watching a bird take a bird bath is meditating. Half of the time we are just on autopilot and rehearsing what we do on a normal basis. Stop and notice.

Meditation Practice #1

Sit next to a body of water and just listen to the sounds of the water. If you don’t have access to a body of water, buy a tabletop water fountain.

Meditation Practice #2

My personal favorite is watching jellyfish float in a fish tank. I watch jellyfish float on YouTube for free. They just move so gracefully, which is honestly a good mantra to live as. Watching a lava lamp move is another option.

Meditation Practice #3

A great meditative practice is using sacral chakra essential oils like ylang-ylang, rose, tangerine, sweet orange, or patchouli. You can place essential oils on your wrist and neck. Sit and smell the aroma of these healing essential oils.

Meditation Practice #4

Color therapy can be used in meditation. Gaze at the color orange with its Sanskrit symbol for subconscious healing.

A sacral chakra meditation script to practice:

Sit in a comfortable position and just read this meditation script slowly and thoughtfully.

orange jellyfish wallpaper

I allow myself to feel free and open to life. Abundance flows to and through me. Passion, pleasure, and creativity live inside of me. I honor my feelings and am able to move through life in a healthy manner.

4. Move Past Trauma

With trauma living in the lower chakras, growing up, people can experience trauma blindly and openly. Some people don’t even realize the trauma they carry with them, while others have experienced trauma through a wide lens. Known as small “t” and big “T” trauma.

Forms of trauma can also look like unwanted life events like rape, death, and violence. You can even have trauma from being constantly cheated on. Trauma projection can look like aggressively downgrading women because you’ve seen your dad bully your mom. Working through these traumas takes time and therapy.

You can work through trauma by yourself if you can:

  1. Identify the issue
  2. Take full responsibility (don’t fall into the victim mindset)
  3. Dedication to healing the trauma

5. Sacral Chakra Crystals

sacral chakra healing

Hey ladies. Did you know there are crystals that can sit inside your vagina? There are called Yoni eggs. Yoni eggs are made with a safe protective glaze. When a yoni egg is placed inside of you, a popular exercise called Kegels is practiced, which helps strengthen your walls. Practicing Kegels with yoni eggs works your muscles and heals your sacral chakra. Another sacral chakra healing method is a crystal massage wand. You get the hint! They even have sacral chakra waist beads with real crystals.

To be fair, people without vaginas can still use sacral chakra stones too. Place sacral chakra stones right below the navel and breathe deeply to enhance its properties. Crystals can also be toted with you to work, placed underneath a pillow during sleep, and worn around your neck.

Sacral chakra stones:

  • Carnelian (good for motivation)
  • Citrine (great for abundance)
  • Sunstone (for inviting serendipity)
  • Orange Calcite
  • Amber
  • Goldstone
  • Moonstone (great for balancing emotions)

Whenever you start to feel stagnant in life, come back to the 2nd chakra. Try something new, move your body, meditate, move past trauma, and work with crystals. Remember healing is a process, not an overnight success. Keep them chakras aligned!

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