7 Ways to Revamp a Small Apartment

Does your apartment have eggshell-colored walls or plain brick walls? Here are 7 ways you can decorate a small apartment. Go from boring and blah to a more loving and lively place you, your family, and friends will love to be in.

Go Bold or Go Home

bold purple sofa
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A great distraction from those egg shell walls or brick walls is bold colored furniture. Not all apartments let you paint your wall whatever color your heart desires, but they cannot control what color furniture you chose to put in your apartment. Go with your favorite color and do not be afraid to buy a burgundy, emerald green, teal or orange sofa. It creates a statement by contrasting against the plain colored walls and you can always balance it out with an area rug.

Area Rugs

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If you cannot find a bold colored sofa, try an area rug. Area Rugs create a contrast with an effect of complimenting different accents in the room. Neutral area rugs with a tone downed earthy color, balance out the room with a bold colored sofa. Vis Versa, if you have a leather sofa or more neutral colored sofa like brown, white, or ivory, go for a boldly colored area rug.

Decorate the Walls

pisces abstract art
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QUICK COVER I’M NAKED! Of course, your walls are! Add some wall accents to your bare walls. Figurative artwork, abstract art, mirrors, family photos, a clock or even little framed quotes can even do the job. Here is a quick guide that will also help.

Accent Pillows

accent pillows help decorate a small  apartment
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You’re going to have to add something to that gorgeous sofa. Some designer accent throw pillows go a long way in durability and looking fluffy throughout the day. Throw pillows come in many sizes, designs, colors and styles to coordinate in your living area.

Natural Sunlight

open sunlight

Lift those blinds up and get rid of that stagnant energy in your home. No need to use lamps and light fixtures in the daytime, you have sunshine. Clean your windows for the maximum amount of sunlight to come through. Natural sunlight is a great way to brighten your home naturally and invite positive energy into your place.


indoor plants

The sunlight is not just for you, but for the plants too. Plants are vital natural air purifiers and are a great way to take up empty space. You can buy a small ivy or an indoor fig tree to add décor. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! Snake plants are not only very easy to take care of but quite stylish. Snake plants require little water and sunlight to flourish.

Here’s a few easy to mantain indoor plants: here

Stylish Coffee Table

stylish coffee table

What’s on your coffee table? It better not be naked or piled with a bunch of junk mail. If it is, clean and polish it off. Top it off with a few magazines or books, but do not go overboard it can look a bit like a mess. Crystals are great too, whether you have a bowl of crystals or even a medium sized cluster. A small succulent, vintage tea pot, pink Himalayan salt lamp or anything that you find stylish in your eyes can go along in decorating your coffee table.

Use these quick tips to decorate a small apartment. Any of these can be implimented quickly and make a massive change. Area rugs to abstract art, will all make a pop of color in a drab space.