5 Must Have Indoor Plants

Let’s bring the outdoors inside! These 5 indoor plants are not only hard to kill but are amazing for our home. Adding indoor plants to your home decor makes your living space more lively (literally!). Plants are living things just like us! They grow up and propagate (populate) the world. They provide fresh air to the environment and purify impurities in the atmosphere.


ivy plant for hom decor

First up on the list is Ivys. Ivys are very versatile when it comes to decorating. You can place it up high or down low, just be sure to give it some space to grow. Ivys can grow in any amount of sunlight, however, they prefer partial sunlight. Only water your ivy when the dirt is dry. Ivy’s decrease on the production of mold in your home and filter bad substances like cleansing benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and tolueneand.

Tip: Don’t move your ivy once you find a spot for it because they don’t like to be moved around too much.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are great indoor plants. They emit oxygen at night making it an ideal spot in the bedroom because it helps you sleep better. They purify toxic substances in the air like benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. Now, snake plants are easy to care for and easy to forget about it… they can go months without water. Snake plants are succulents meaning they don’t require much water because water is inside of their leaves. Be careful to not overwater this green beauty. A great tip when watering your snake plant is to water on a schedule. These plants prefer a routine. I suggest watering your plant one day every month to prevent your greenery from drowning.

String of Pearls

String of pearls likes to hang from the ceiling where the sun is readily available (keep your string of pearls 5’-10’ away from the sun, otherwise it will sunburn). These babies are succulents too and like dry airy soil (buy a succulent and cactus dirt mix). Misting your plant is recommended. When the cold weather arrives, mist less frequently.

Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)

Dumb Canes are one of my favorite plants. Dieffenbachia’s are loyal plants that don’t play mind games. They literally cry when you overwater it! When this plant is overwatered it will disperse water out of its leaves. How are they dumb again? Also, if you take care of it long enough, it will grow a little flower for you. These plants are easy to care for and come in many sizes.

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are nice plants to place where you don’t get much sunlight, like the bathroom or your office. They thrive under fluorescent lights. Watering this plant often isn’t necessary, they are semi-succulents. These plants provide a great amount of oxygen into the atmosphere and kill airborne bacteria. In feng shui, ZZ plants are known to reduce stress and bring good fortune to your career if placed in your office.

must have indoor plants

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