Mushrooms | Framed Art Print



Need some autumn vibes in your space, check out these chill mushrooms. Mushrooms come in many varieties with many benefits to the body. One fun fact about mushrooms is that they are high in vitamin D, which is very important for our mental health. Ever feel down? Eat a mushroom! There are over 10,000 known types of mushrooms. The most popular ones to eat are oyster, portobello, cremini, cordycpes, red reishi and much more!

This print pairs great with the “Good Vibes Only” Framed Quote

If you have your own frame, a “Print-only” is for you:

  • Printed on high-quality, sturdy matte paper. Size options are 8″ x 8″ or 12″ x 12″.

Beat the stores searching for a frame with your option of a black or white frame. Frames are made out of a sturdy recyclable PS with a real glass covering.

We will ship all orders within 5-7 business days.


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