Color Psychology: Yellow and Green & How it Affects You

Have you ever thought of painting, decorating or even wearing the color yellow or green? Here are some interesting facts about the color psychology of the true color and shades of yellow and green.


yellow abstract painting
“Virgo” from The Zodiac Collection

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color. In fact, yellow is the first color our eyes see. Yellow is also a powerful color with its association to the solar plexus. The solar plexus chakra is based on personal will and power. When it comes to interior design, yellow is a definite eye catcher. In some circumstances, a bright yellow room can release your feelings of anger and frustration. However, walls that are painted a warmer shade of yellow, give off an uplifting feeling to your aura. Especially yellows with orange in it like ginger yellow and dandelion yellow.

                                Gold – elegant, warm, rich and striking

                                Bright Yellow – energetic, loud, vibrant and fresh

                                Light Yellow – soft, positive, calm and soothing

                                Chartreuse – bold, demanding, intense and creative

                                Dandelion – joyful, bright, inspiring and stimulating


gemini abstract painting
“Gemini” from The Zodiac Collection

Green is related to the Anahata or heart chakra. The heart chakra has powerful healing properties; it’s connected to our heart. Your heart chakra has compassion for yourself and other people, and with the relation to the color green, green also have these properties. Yet there are so many shades of greens, some are mixed with yellow, blue and tints of white. The darker the green the more comforting and warming the room is. However, going to dark with any color can make the room feel and look smaller. Light greens give off a calming natural effect, unlike lime and bright yellowy greens. Neutral colored greens reduce hyperactivity, which makes it a great color choice for kids’ rooms.

                                Forest Green – growth, life, natural, and woodsy

                                Grass Green – balance, refreshing, optimistic and prosperity

                                Dark Green – bold, heavy, masculine and restful

                                Emerald – luxurious, royal, charming and elite

                                Lime – playful, loud, bright, and flamboyant

                                Olive – warming, wild, mellow and homely

                                Sage – cooling, peaceful, relaxing and fresh

                                Mint – cool, soothing, soft and refreshing

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