How to Make Journaling Fun

How do I make journaling fun? I remember when I first started journaling; I thought it was only about writing about how your day went. Like “Dear Diary, I had the best/worst day ever because yada yada…” Now writing a journal prompt like that actually isn’t that bad, because it really refreshes your mind and helps you see things clearer. But sometimes that journal prompt can just get a little mundane. These journaling prompts are not only fun but helpful when getting to know more about yourself.

Host a Q+A with yourself

Interview journal prompt

Often we always ask other people questions. What’s your favorite color.. or what if this happened, what would you do? But do you ever sit and think, how do I really feel? What would I do in this situation if it were me? Host a mini-interview. Embrace that main character energy and start asking yourself questions.

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What do I want to manifest in my reality?
  • Do you prefer movies or tv series?
  • What is a day like in your dream life?
  • Who’s your favorite character on *insert tv show*?
  • What drains or gives you energy?
  • What’s a perfect date?
  • What is something you once believed in?
  • If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it?

This or That

This or That game journal prompt

Would you rather this or that? Why?

  • Movies or TV series?
  • Cartoons or Anime?
  • Hot drinks or Cold drinks?
  • Slow songs or Fast songs?
  • Cats or Dogs?
  • Car or Truck?
  • Showers or Baths?
  • Older music or Newer generation music?

Your favorite song lyrics/verses

A drawing from my sketchbook 🙂

For all the music lovers, some songs just hit differently. Songs can really touch your heart and soul and can resonate so much, depending on what you’ve been through. Do you ever stop and think why is that lyric is so relatable? Write about it! You might find out the true secrets of your secretive subconscious. 9 times out of 10 If I relate deeply to a heartbreaking lyric, I am still holding onto something from the past that hurt me. Working through this is great for shadow work.

Unpopular opinions you believe

unpopular opinions

Go against the grain. What is it you actually don’t like? Not what everybody else thinks is cool. Maybe you don’t feel the same as the crowd. What is it you don’t agree with that a group of people believe? Popular controversial topics can look something like this:

  • Abortion, war, Government, religion, zodiac signs, the things in life you have to pay for, etc.

A different approach can be something as little as to whether you like a popular celebrity or not.

Remember: Journaling is a good way to get to know yourself and keep up with your day-to-day realities. Sometimes life can really take a toll and we can forget all about ourselves. One day, you’ll look back at your old journal prompts and see how much you’ve changed as a person.

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