Popular Manifesting Techniques

How Can I Start Manifesting?

How do I manifest? Simple. All you have to do is convince yourself of believing in what you want. Most people think, thinking about what you want isn’t enough, so multiple techniques have been created to trick your subconscious. Here are a few examples you can try.

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Whisper Method

whisper method manifestation notebook

This method is pretty popular on TikTok. You literally just whisper what you want to attract in your life.

Step 1: Take a few deep breaths to regulate your nervous system

Step 2: Think about what you want and be clear with your intentions

Step 3: Imagine your specific person next to you (an underrated scenario would be whispering to items like money or prized possessions) and whisper your desire to them.

Decluttering Mentally and Physically

decluttering manifesting

This is kind of like the living-in-the-end method. Say you want to attract a partner into your life. Is there space for your partner in your lifestyle? Physically and mentally. Do you have closet space for your partner if they were to move in with you? Do you have the time in your spare time to spend? This method is more of a clearing and making space.

Make sure you don’t hold on to things that no longer serve you. It’s all about allowing and opening up to your dream life.

Cup method

two cup method manifesting journal technique

This one is actually backed up scientifically, known as quantum physics. Speak your intention into a cup of water and then drink it!

There is a two-cup method too. One cup represents your current reality and the second cup represents your desired reality. So basically, with intention and desire, you pour your first cup of water into the empty second cup. Then you drink the water.

State Akin to Sleep (SATS)


SATS stands for state akin to sleep, which is a state where you are super sleepy and about to doze off. The best time to access the state akin to sleep state is when you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. When you are in this sleepy state, you either say, think or visualize what you want. Your subconscious mind is listening and will work to get what it is you want.

Focusing on One Word Affirmations

one word affirmations

Repeat one affirmation throughout the day or right before you fall asleep. Repeating one-word affirmations triggers your subconscious mind to revolve around the essence of the word. A popular one-word affirmation Joseph Murphy recommended is just repeating the word “Wealth”. A few one-word affirmations to try:

  • Love
  • Abundance
  • Amazing
  • Peace
  • Serendipity
  • Clarity
  • Success
  • Millionaire
  • Fantastic
  • Wonderful

You can also use these one-word affirmations as a mantra to meditate on.


Subliminals are affirmations sped up in a loop and played underneath the music. The affirmations volume is so quiet that only your subconscious mind can pick up what they’re saying. Popular ways to use Subliminals are scripting and sleeping with them in the background.

Recorded Affirmations

Recorded affirmations have about 5 to 15 minutes of affirmations repeated on a loop. You can listen to “I am” and “You are” affirmation tapes at night or whenever you feel anxious. Eventually, through repetition, your brain will remember these affirmations and take them into play.

A more effective way to accept recorded affirmations is through your own voice. You can make your own tape recording of yourself saying positive affirmations. Your mind would be more malleable to your own voice especially if you speak in your own native language.

Affirmation Rampage

An affirmation rampage is turning into a motor mouth and telling yourself what you want. You keep it going, affirmation after affirmation. The benefits of affirmation rampages re-wire your brain into thinking more positive thoughts. This method is very similar to when we go into overthinking mode. We say “oh no what if this happens” and “maybe this is what really happened.” Flip the script! To keep the flow going, exaggerate a little.

Affirmation Rampage example: I am so smart. I am always acing my exams and test. I have never failed a test ever in my life. What’s amazing is, I barely even try! My brain just keeps picking up needed information effortlessly. It’s like my brain takes a screenshot. I am always appreciated. Teachers keep congratulating me for my hard work.

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