Must-Try Journaling Prompts for Self-Discovery

Answering these journaling prompts will help you rediscover your true self and set goals for the future. Sometimes writing about the “What happened today” journal prompt can get a little boring. Focused journaling prompts will use a different side of your brain than just remembering little things that happened throughout your day.

General Journaling Prompts to Ask Yourself…

What does being a ‘friend’ mean to me?

If I could have anything I wanted, what would it be and why?

What am I avoiding?

What do I normally avoid and why?

If I could have time to talk to anybody dead, alive or famous, who would it be and what we talk about?

What makes a person likable?

If I could make money from my most enjoyed hobby, what would it be and how much money would I want to make?

This or That…

Go into depth after choosing a topic and write about why you picked it. If you don’t settle with either of the topics, write about what YOU enjoy instead. Embrace your likes and dislikes!

Coffee or Tea

City or Nature

Dubbed or Subbed

Movie Theatre or Movies at Home

Summer or Winter

Getting up early or Staying up late

journaling prompts for self discovery

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