5 Amazing Ways Abstract Art Can Enhance Your Space

Here are a few ways abstract art can enhance your space.

Adding Movement

Stagnation be gone! Nobody likes a dead stifle room. Abstract art can be used to add movement in a room by creating rhythm. Yes, I said rhythm, just like when you’re listening to music it has a beat, whether its uplifting or calming. Abstract art has that same effect. Depending on the artwork itself; it can have various impacts on the room. By using abstract art with multiple colors, you can change the vibe of the room easily. Abstract art with movement is a great way to tie a rhythm between the artwork and the furniture. This gives you the ability to create an original design space.

Providing color

Abstract art is a great way to add color and enhance any design scheme into your space. Art can be used to set a mood to any room. Next time you pick a piece of abstract art, look at the colors. Warm colors create a more uplifting cheerful feel and cool colors have a more earthy cooling subtle relax feeling.

  • Warm Colors – Violet, Red, Scarlet, Orange, and Yellow
  • Cool Colors – Blue, Blue-Green, Yellow-Green, Blue, and Mauve/Lilac

Balancing out the Room

“Contrast” SOLD

Let’s say you prefer a more modern inspired home, with low furniture and metal fixtures. A piece of modern abstract art can help make the room feel more balanced rather than an eccentric piece of abstract art. An eccentric abstract piece of artwork would throw off the balance of the modern look. The modern piece of artwork would give a more modern design in the room by using the texture and balance scale. In conclusion, stick to the style of the room.

Proportions and Illusions

If you haven’t already known, dark wall colors tend to make the room look smaller and lighter wall colors make the room appear larger. The right canvas size can make the room look larger or smaller than it actually is too. This will depend on the size and colors of the canvas. If уоu have a large rооm and want to make the room look smaller than it actually is, it would bе appropriate to hang a large abstract painting on the wall. In contrast, a smaller abstract painting can add a spacious look to a medium-sized room.

Changing the perspective

If you are looking for a way to change your space, you can change the artwork of the room; as it will give the room an instantly different perspective. You can pick an art piece that highlights an aspect of the room, to help make the space feel more fresh and revived. Of course, after time, you would get tired of looking at the same painting. Instead of moving the artwork to another room or buying another abstract painting, rotate the actual painting. Doing this will make your mind look at the painting from a different angle and see it as another painting. Another way to change to perspective is to hang a mirror opposite of an abstract painting. This can certainly create more than one view of the artwork piece and make the room appear larger at the same time.

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