What is Abstract Art? How is it Different than Figurative Art?

If you think about it, abstract art triggers our minds differently than figurative art does.

The main reason is that it’s not derived from a literal source. Whereas, the complications seen in someone’s face in figurative art are provoking. You know it is a face. Abstract art holds the ability to stimulate the creative side of your brain. It challenges your mind and makes you interpret the painting to create various possibilities and meanings. Abstract art has the ability to present you with a different aspect, every time you look at it.

Imagine a room with a dark brown wooden table, ivory sofa, and beige accents in form of vases and pillows. Now, think about a large abstract acrylic painting, that has hues of bright blues, pinks, and mauves in it. Not only will the painting’s pop of colors liven the room up, it will make other areas of the room not look so dull, but more noticeable. This is also how various kinds of abstract art, have the ability to change the entire mood of your space. And there are so many kinds of abstract art you can choose from, for instance, modern, contemporary, and eccentric. Basically, you can pick any style that fits well within the area.

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