Color Psychology: Red and Orange & How it Affects You

If you’re looking to raise your vibration or add energy to your home, you’ve come to the right place. According to psychology, certain colors tend to change and affect your mood. Next time you think about changing the color of a room, buying an accent, or even a piece of abstract art in your home. Think Again.

Here’s a quick overview of the color psychology of red and orange and how they can affect you.


aries fire abstract painting
“Aries” from The Zodiac Collection

Red is associated with the root chakra and is helped to ground you. Red is a warm comforting color; however, it can make you angry or even more angered. It’s a powerful color that is associated with strength and passion. The color red acts as a stimulator and a warning, reason why stop signs and danger signs are red. True colors of red give off more of a high energetic vibration and darker shades of red are more powerful and sophisticated.  Lighter shades of red or pink have a more sensual and subtle feeling. Light pinks are also calming, making it a great wall color choice for a busy or high volume room.

                Deep Red – expensive, mature, rich and robust

                Brick Red – warm, grounding, earthy, and strong

                Bright Red – energizing, stimulating, adventurous, and assertive

                Bright Pink – playful, tropical, flirtatious and vibrant

                Dusty Pink – gentle, subtle, homely, and nostalgic

                Light Pink – loving, youthful, affectionate, and sweet 


fire zodiac sign leo abstract painting
“Leo” from The Zodiac Collection

Orange adds movement and energy into a home. It radiates friendly vibes, courage, confidence and success. Orange is not as demanding as red, but more inviting. On top of that, the brighter the orange the more uplifting and positive it is. In addition, the lighter or more yellow the orange is, the more warming it will feel. Now, oranges with a light shade of red, like coral, invite a positive warming vibe to the room. Darker oranges and oranges with a brown shade are more comforting, warming and earthy.

                Vibrant orange – energetic, spontaneous, and sociable

                Tangerine – vital, vibrant, enthusiastic, and inviting

                Ginger – exotic, spicy, flavorful, and welcoming

                Amber – mellow, autumn feeling, nostalgic, and ancient

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