A Heart Chakra Healing Guide

Do you like the color green or pink? Green and pink are connected to our heart chakra. A healthy heart chakra is essential in our day-to-day relationships with ourselves and others. The heart chakra mantra is “I LOVE” and is connected to the magnetic-loving astrological planet Venus. In this blog post, I will provide a healing guide to keeping a healthy heart chakra along with recognizing its issues.

What is the heart chakra?

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra located near the heart in the chakra system. The fourth chakra is green and rotates at a frequency of 639hz. Instruments like the harp and piano are connected to the Anahata. The Anahata chakra also known as the heart chakra is essential in learning to give and receive.

Heart Chakra Blockage Signs

What does it mean when your heart chakra is blocked? A heart chakra blockage can lead to trust issues, loneliness, and an inability to let go of past wounds. The heart chakra body locations are the chest, heart, lungs, arms, and hands. A heart chakra blockage can also experience respiratory issues, hypertension, and cardiovascular problems (especially cold hands).

Some other signs of a heart chakra blockage:

  • Lack of empathy
  • Money Issues
  • People pleasing and overextending yourself to help
  • Difficulty expressing love
  • Hard time forgiving
  • A hard time getting past heartbreak and loss
  • Inability to receive

How to unblock heart chakra

Heart chakra-blocked symptoms can be alleviated through chest chakra healing exercises. Here are my five heart chakra healing approaches:

  1. Grounding techniques and practices: Hugging a tree is an excellent start at opening the heart chakra because trees have so much life. More exercises include music therapy, flowers, and pets.
  2. Journaling prompts: Practicing gratitude journaling, writing forgiveness letters, and a few journal prompts to help heal the Anahata chakra.
  3. Crystals: Heart chakra crystals are dedicated to healing and opening the heart chakra.
  4. Yoga: Practicing Anahata yoga poses along with deep breathing.
  5. Affirmations: Incorporating heart chakra affirmations throughout the day to heal open wounds in the chest chakra.

1. Anahata Grounding Techniques and Practices

hugging tree chakra exercise

Hugging a tree. A great grounding exercise is hugging a tree. Hugging a tree is like being embraced by a person, they can consolidate you through electromagnetic energy. Trees are very much alive just like us, they have families under the ground in their root systems.

  • Fun fact: Trees communicate with other trees through their root system. Did you know trees “scream” when they are thirsty1? Anytime a tree needs aid it sends out a loud vibrational noise (unfortunately our ears can’t hear them), and the tree’s neighboring roots send nutrients to the ill tree.

Incorporating the color green in your life. Known as color therapy, wearing the color green helps align the heart chakra. Staring at the color green with the heart chakra symbol in a meditative practice promotes healing. You too can sit in nature and admire the greenery.

Listening to piano or harp music. With the heart chakra being connected to the piano and harp, listen to some soothing music or a live musician.

Buy yourself some flowers. The Anahata is green with a tinge of pink in the middle. Buy some roses or your favorite flower. Practice a little self-love.

Adopt a pet. You can have an inexpensive pet like a goldfish. Adopting a pet brings out your inner motherhood/fatherhood abilities, which in turn opens your heart chakra.

Compliment someone. Give someone a compliment or thank a barista for that well-crafted drink. This practice steps into the act of giving inside of the heart chakra.

2. Must-Try Heart Chakra Journal Exercises

heart chakra journal prompts

Three powerful heart chakra healing journal prompts for opening the chest chakra:

  1. Gratitude journaling
  2. Writing forgiveness letters
  3. A few journal prompts

Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journaling is the practice of writing down the little and big things you are grateful for. It can be done by writing down three to five things you are thankful for or filling up a whole page. Don’t be afraid to be thankful for the same things over and over again. For it is always a true blessing to be able to see out of both eyes or have arms and hands. You can even write a letter expressing your gratitude to a person in your life. An excellent time to gratitude journal is when you wake up in the morning or when you are about to go to bed.

Benefits of gratitude journaling

  • Builds stronger relationships
  • Increases happiness over time
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases productivity

Writing Forgiveness Letters

9 times out of 10, someone has hurt us in some type of way and it can become a rarity to receive an apology all the time. Take it upon yourself to forgive the person who has hurt you to alleviate built-up dis-ease in the chest chakra.

Steps for writing a forgiveness letter:

  1. Start by thinking about what you want to say. What do you need to express to the person you are forgiving? What are your hopes and expectations for the future?
  2. Write in a clear and concise manner. The letter should be easy to read and understand.
  3. Be honest and raw. Don’t try to sugarcoat your feelings or pretend that you are over the hurt. Express your emotions.
  4. Focus on the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.
  5. End on a positive note. Express your hope for a better relationship or for them to become a better person in the future.
  6. Dispose of, bury, burn, or put away the letter. Don’t look at the letter anymore. If you still feel hurt, reread the letter and focus on the end note.

3. Heart Chakra Crystals

Heart chakra crystals and stones are normally pink and green. Hold these stones near your heart and chant the heart chakra mantra “YAM”.

  • Rose Quartz (heals and opens the heart)
  • Malachite
  • Rhodochrosite (great for a broken heart)
  • Amazonite
  • Peridot (helps with jealousy)
  • Prehnite
  • Jade
photo of rose quartz

4. Heart Chakra Yoga Poses

Chest opening and heart chakra healing yoga poses shift energy into the shoulders and chest. Breathe deeply in the chest opening poses and chant the heart chakra mantra “YAM”.

Yoga poses for Anahata chakra:

  • Cobra Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Wheel Pose
  • Standing Backbend
  • Bridge Pose
  • Reverse Plank
  • Lord of the Dance
  • Tiger Pose

5. Heart Chakra Meditation Script

Try this heart chakra meditation script to help invite serendipity and love into your life.

green tree

Heart Chakra Meditation Script

– My heart is open and receptive to love. I forgive all who have hurt me and allow love to flow into my heart abundantly.

In Conclusion

The heart chakra is a powerful energy force that is associated with love, compassion, and forgiveness. When it is open and balanced, we are able to experience more happy moments in our lives, such as healthy relationships with ourselves and others. However, if the heart chakra is blocked or closed, we may experience feelings of loneliness, isolation, apathy, and resentment. There are many different ways to open and balance the heart chakra, including Anahata grounding techniques, journaling, crystal therapy, yoga, and healing affirmations. By taking steps to heal our heart chakra, we can open ourselves up to the love and compassion that is all around us.

1 Source: The Secret Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben

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