Color Psychology: Blue and Purple & How it Affects You

Did you know colors play a huge role in your psyche? If you’re looking to wind down and relax, look towards the colors blue and purple. Blue and purple are both cool colors on the color wheel. Blue and purple come in so many shades and when fused together creates such beauty. These two colors make it a great selection for painting the master bedroom. Look deeper into how the color psychology of blue and purple can affect your psyche in the bedroom.


libra abstract painting
“Libra” from The Zodiac Collection

Diving into the color psychology of the color blue, it is a very calming and nurturing color to the soul. Just look up at the sky and see the beautiful blue against those fluffy white clouds. Something about the sky is just mesmerizing in its own way. The sky can sometimes put you in a daze and make you daydream. Blue is a great color to add to a room where you want to implement relaxation. Light blues are an ideal wall color for an office. According to The Spruce, painting the master bedroom a deep blue is an ideal color because it provides a sense of security and protective feelings.

                Royal Blue – warmth, classy, and sophisticated

                Deep Blue – confident, strong, and professional

                Bright Blue – brisk and energizing

                Sky Blue – reassuring, tranquil, and trusting

                Light Blue – serene, clean, and patient

                Turquoise – playful, tropical, and compassionate

                Periwinkle – springy, lively, and friendly

                Blue purple – meditative, mysterious and spiritual


pisces abstract painting
“Pisces” from The Zodiac Collection

Purple comes in so many shades, yet all have a different feel. Light purples have a relaxing, sensitive, and creative aura. Many craft rooms are painted a lilac or lavender to keep the creativity flowing. Light purples mixed with a red, like mauve, give off a romantic vibe, making it an excellent color choice for the bedroom. Darker purples like plum and violet are very strong and royal colors. These colors represent royalty and wealth. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I banned people from wearing the color purple except for her close royal family members. Darker and true purples also represent spirituality and higher power, which is also why the crown chakra is purple.

                Dark purple – visionary, rich, and regal

                Red purple – dramatic, sensual, and expressive

                Amethyst – protective, healing, and soothing

                Mauve – romantic, sentimental, and thoughtful

                Lavender – creative, lightweight, and nostalgic

                Lilac – cooling, refreshing, and clean

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