Overview of The Seven Chakras

From the root to the crown, the seven chakras connect us all. Did you know your favorite color says a lot about your chakras? It can show which chakra is out of balance and needs more attention.

seven chakra system

What is the Seven Chakra System?

The seven chakra system is energy vortexes located in our body. Chakras are thought of as spinning wheels of energy along the spine. The chakra system can only be seen by those who have the ability to see auras. There are 7 major chakras. Each chakra is a different color, has a unique vibrational frequency, and body part associated. Chakras are also associated with elements, crystals, planets, astrological signs, and much more.

Where did chakras originate?

It originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC. It is believed to have been passed down by word of mouth for centuries before being written down in the Vedas (the oldest scriptures of Hinduism). The word “chakra” translates to “wheel” in Sanskrit. For many ages, chakras have been used to detect imbalances in the body. When a chakra is out of tune, you may experience mental and physical distress.

1. Root Chakra

root chakra print
Root Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Affirmation: I AM

Mantra: LAM

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Zodiac Sign(s): Capricorn

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Location: Base of spine

Purpose: Grounds you to the Earth. Fear does not live here, you are protected and can withstand challenges that come your way.

Signs of a blocked root chakra: Depressed, financial issues, anxiety, fear, and indecision.

Signs of an overactive root chakra: Materialistic, greed, and aggression.

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2. Sacral Chakra

sacral chakra print
Sacral Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Svadhishthana

Affirmation: I FEEL

Mantra: VAM

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Zodiac Sign(s): Cancer and Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Location: Below the navel in the sex organs

Purpose: The ability to feel emotions: happiness, creativity, sadness, pleasure, etc.

Signs of a blocked sacral chakra: low sex drive, relationship issues, and lack of creativity.

Signs of an overactive sacral chakra: over-emotional, manipulative, sex addiction

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3. Solar Plexus Chakra

manipura chakra
Solar Plexus

Sanskrit Name: Manipura

Affirmation: I DO

Mantra: RAM

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Zodiac Sign(s): Leo and Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars and The Sun

Location: Above the navel in the stomach

Purpose: The ability to be in tune with your identity and power.

Signs of a blocked solar plexus chakra: Feeling inferior, seeking validation, and low self-esteem

Signs of an overactive solar plexus chakra: Dominating, perfectionism, and arrogance.

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4. Heart Chakra

anahata art
Heart Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Anahata

Affirmation: I LOVE

Mantra: YAM

Color: Green and sometimes pink

Element: Air

Zodiac Sign(s): Libra and Taurus

Ruling Planet: Venus

Location: Center of chest, the heart

Purpose: The ability to love. Controls the ability to give and receive.

Signs of a blocked heart chakra: Trust issues, bitterness, and lack of empathy.

Signs of an overactive heart chakra: Codependent, jealous tendencies, and over-extending yourself (people pleaser).

5. Throat Chakra

throat chakra print
Throat Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Vishuddha

Affirmation: I SPEAK

Mantra: HAM

Color: Azure blue or Sky Blue

Element: Ether

Zodiac Sign(s): Gemini and Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Location: The throat

Purpose: The ability to speak your true authentic self

Signs of a blocked throat chakra: Not a good listener and having a hard time speaking up for yourself.

Signs of an overactive throat chakra: Talking over people, promoting gossip, being critical of others, and being highly opinionated.

6. Third Eye Chakra (Brow Chakra)

third eye print
Third Eye Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Ajna

Affirmation: I SEE

Mantra: OM

Color: Indigo

Element: Light

Zodiac Sign(s): Sagittarius and Pisces

Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter

Location: In between the eyebrows, the pineal gland.

Purpose: The ability to see what is not there physically, known as intuition.

Signs of a blocked third eye chakra: Can’t read between the lines, poor judgment, lack of imagination, and issues focusing.

Signs of an overactive third eye chakra: Nightmares, seeing too many spirits, delusions, intrusive/negative thoughts, and hallucinations.

7. Crown Chakra

crown chakra print
Crown Chakra

Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara

Affirmation: I UNDERSTAND

Mantra: Silence

Color: Violet and White

Element: The Cosmos, Consciousness or Thought

Zodiac Sign(s): Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Location: Above the head

Purpose: Spiritual enlightenment and seeing the beauty in everything. A connection to the spirit realm.

Signs of a blocked crown chakra: Ungrateful, weak relationship with self or your higher deity, and brain fog.

Signs of an overactive crown chakra: Difficulty focusing, anxiety, spiritual bypassing, and headaches/migraines.

How are the Chakras Healed?

seven chakra system and chakra realignment

There are many ways to heal and balance the seven chakras. 7 chakra healing practices:

  • Yoga: Practicing chakra-associated yoga poses
  • Balanced Diet: Eating a healthy diet speeds up chakra healing.
  • Reiki: Reiki sessions are chakra realignments that move and heal stagnant energy performed by energy workers.
  • Meditation: Deep breathing and stillness can heal the chakra system.
  • Sound Healing: Sound bowls tune in on the same frequency of a particular chakra.
  • Mudras: Focuses on the energetic forces in your fingers and hands connected to the chakras.
  • Journaling and Therapy: Releases deep-rooted issues that cause trauma, dis-ease, and stagnation in the mind and body.
  • Crystals and Grounding Practices: Contains healing electromagnetic energy.

What happens when all seven chakras are aligned?

seven chakra system kundalini

When all of the chakras are rotating at their tuned frequency, the kundalini rises. The Kundalini is a Sanskrit name for “coiled”. The kundalini is a divine feminine energetic healing energy that coils from the base of the spine to the top of the head. It is known to be very powerful and should not be forced, but allowed to come on its own. Once you reach the kundalini energy, you will have a sense of knowing and great power with no signs of stress or anxiety. Some people describe the kundalini as a snake-like serpent.

In Conclusion

The seven chakra system is an ancient Indian discovery that identifies imbalances in the body. The ultimate goal of the chakra system is to keep your energetic field in balance for a long healthy life. You can use this spiritual tactic as a self-care system when you are not feeling your best. Work from the lower chakras to the higher chakras. Keep those chakras aligned!

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